Extended Repayment Time Bonus

News picture Extended Repayment Time Bonus
date_range 2022-01-05
schedule 11:49:39
Extended Repayment Time Bonus

PT JBA Indonesia - Buying used cars and used motorbikes with an auction system is indeed an alternative in buying vehicles. In addition to the price that can be adjusted, the choice of vehicles offered is also diverse. It's even easier to pay off with the Flexi Pay program.

Flexi Pay is a program to extend the repayment period for the car or motorcycle you purchased at JBA. You can check the details regarding the Flexi Pay program through this JBA info.

At the beginning of this year JBA gave a promo to Flexi Pay users, which is an additional 7 days of repayment time for every Flexi Pay sale. This promo is expected to help buyers of used cars and used motorcycles at JBA in managing their cash flow.

For the submission process, you can apply as usual through the JBA branch where you bought a car or motorbike at JBA. Later, the JBA will immediately include a payment extension bonus on your Flexi Pay application.

Now, you don't need to be confused anymore in managing your cash flow. Take advantage of this Flexi Pay promo immediately. The promo period only lasts for the month of January 2022.

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