Easy Ways to Take Care of Automatic Motor V-belts

News picture Easy Ways to Take Care of Automatic Motor V-belts
date_range 2021-09-29
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Easy Ways to Take Care of Automatic Motor V-belts

PT JBA Indonesia - Automatic motorbikes are indeed an ideal choice as a vehicle for activities. Especially in denser cities, riding an automatic motorbike makes the rider more comfortable and saves energy compared to driving a manual motorbike.

Maintenance on automatic motorcycles is also fairly easy. The most important thing is to always do periodic checks. There is one important component that you should pay attention to when you have an automatic motor, namely the V-belt.

V-belt is a tool that connects the engine and wheels, this part is a very vulnerable part of other components. Therefore, the maintenance of this V-belt should be a special concern.

Here's an easy way to maintain the V-belt on your automatic motorcycle:

1. Routinely check the V-belt
Regular checks on the v-belt let you know what the condition of the V-belt on your motorbike is like. It is recommended to check every 8000 KM.

2. Lubricating
The lubricant on the V-belt functions so that the V-belt is not easily broken and makes it more durable. Lubricants can also be used at every regular oil change. The liquid is lubricated at the edges of the v-belt, not the serrated ones.

3. Avoid Doing Gas Aggressively
When we are driving slowly, then suddenly we do gas so that the motor goes fast suddenly can shorten the life of the V-belt. This is because the V-belt is continuously pulled suddenly.

Well, you already know how to take care of your automatic V-belt motorcycle. Make sure this becomes your habit so that you can ride comfortably on an automatic motorbike.

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