Easy Ways to Check Used Cars

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date_range 2021-11-15
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Easy Ways to Check Used Cars

PT JBA Indonesia - Buying a used car is indeed an alternative for those of you who need a car without having to drain your pocket. However, buying a used car also has its own risks. Most often, the car you buy is not in the right condition.

In buying a used car, at least you have to understand some of the parts that must be checked so that the car you buy can be in accordance with what you want. This time JBA will provide tips to easily check used cars.


Exterior Check
The exterior of the car is the most visible part for you to check. Starting from the car body, car paint, and other components. There are some used car parts with scuffs or paint that are not original. You can check the part that looks visible.


Check Machine Condition
This engine is the most important part of the car that must be checked. You should be more observant in checking the car you want to buy in this engine section. You can check the engine by starting the car and listening to the sound, whether it's smooth or rough.


A good engine certainly still has a smooth sound. An engine with a smooth sound is a sign that the engine is well maintained. In addition to the sound, also make sure that there is no oil or other fluid leaking into the engine.


Interior Check
The interior is also not to be missed. Check the car carpet whether it has been flooded or not. Make sure the legs of the car are in good condition. You can try to sit at the front of the steering wheel and feel the legs of the car.


Checking the car's air conditioner is also important, whether the electricity in the car is in good condition or not. Although it sounds trivial, this small detail is actually troublesome later.


Test Drive
This is the final check for buying a car. You can try the car you want to buy. You will gain experience by bringing the car yourself. When a test drive, you must pay attention to the comfort of the transmission shift, engine performance, and other performance.


By understanding these four aspects, you can check for yourself when you want to buy a used car. However, if you haven't been able to check a used car, you don't have to worry. If you buy a used car at JBA, you get a car checking facility from JBA for free.


So, by buying a car at JBA, you don't have to worry about the condition of the car that is not suitable. Because the checks carried out by JBA are very detailed, there are 400 checkpoints so that the cars being checked are confirmed to be in accordance with what they are.

Information on how to buy a car at JBA can be found here.

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