Before Buying a Used Motorcycle, First Check Some of These Things!

News picture Before Buying a Used Motorcycle, First Check Some of These Things!
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Before Buying a Used Motorcycle, First Check Some of These Things!

JBA - You want to buy a used motorcycle? Well, you should not only check the condition of the body, engine, and odometer only. But the following components you should also check so that you do not regret it in the future.

As is known, there are several components that usually need to be checked, especially if you buy a used motorbike. Trivial components that are rarely considered, even though the function is quite important for the driver.

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The following are some simple tips that you can do in checking the condition of a used motorbike, including:

1. Checking the Physical Condition of the Machine

One of the parts that were first checked before buying a used motorbike was the engine part carefully. Starting from the patch/gasket to the bolts contained in the engine, whether it has been opened or not.

Checking the condition of the patch is aimed to find out whether the engine has ever been in trouble or not considering the patch is the link between the upper cylinder and the middle engine. If the library has been replaced, this is a sign that the machine is no longer original.

2. Checking the engine sound

One of the characteristics of a used motorbike still in top condition is by listening to its voice. If the motor can be started without being forced by pulling the gas handle firmly, then the motor can be ascertained in normal and healthy condition.

In addition, another way is to cover the exhaust hole by hand and listen to the sound of the engine. If the sound that sounds noisy is unnatural, then it can be indicated that the engine is in poor condition and needs immediate repair.

3. Check List and Paint Conditions on the Used Motor Body

Although it sounds trivial, the list on the motor body can be one clue whether the motor you choose has fallen or not. If the list on the body is still original, it will be neatly covered with a clear protective layer or the blade which is the factory default.

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Conversely, if the protective layer of the list has seemed irregular, then you should be suspicious of whether the motor body has broken when falling or not. How to check is to see and feel the motor paint. If the pores appear larger and appear thicker, it is certain that the paint used is not the original paint.

4. Do not be fooled by the Low Kilometer

Currently, many used motorbike hunters are still considering the speedometer to see how many kilometers the motorbike has ever run. In fact, the speedometer is not an absolute benchmark that your used motorbike is in good condition. Because, the speedometer can be reset, either manually or digitally.

5. Check the condition of welds and parts of legs

The most difficult thing in determining whether your used motorbike is still original or not is the welding welds located at the bottom of the tank or axle or fork frame. If the welding results are thin, you can be sure that all welds are still in the original condition. Meanwhile, if the welds appear thicker on the surface, it can be ascertained if it is no longer original because it has been broken or damaged due to being hit.

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