Prevent Jams Before Breaking Fast, Try These 4 Applications

News picture Prevent Jams Before Breaking Fast, Try These 4 Applications
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Prevent Jams Before Breaking Fast, Try These 4 Applications

JBA - One of the densest times on the streets of the capital when the fasting month is before breaking the fast. This is because many drivers are in a hurry to go home to break their fast together with family.

Therefore, it requires several alternative fastest routes to avoid traffic jams so that you can break your fast with your family.

To find the fastest route, you need an application that can be installed on a smart phone and help you avoid traffic jams, including:


Of course you are very familiar with this application, especially for those who are often faced with traffic congestion and traffic on the road. This application displays a digital map and provides updated information, such as traffic jams, accidents, and various other road conditions.

The information displayed on Waze is in the form of a digital map graph, where the information obtained comes from other Waze users' reports. In addition, Waze can also be used as navigation directions like Google Maps.

TMC Polda Metro Jaya

This application is an official application released by the Traffic Management Center Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya which serves to give information to its users about road conditions in real-time.

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Through the support of monitoring CCTV cameras originating from the National Police Corps and Jasa Marga, this application can watch all the routes you want to go through. In addition, this application also provides information from the official Twitter owned by Metro Jaya Police on an updated basis, such as the latest traffic conditions, demonstrations, fires and others.

Through which

Another application that you can use to avoid traffic jams before breaking the fast is In addition to providing the latest traffic conditions information on several roads, this application can also find out the location of your place, then present information on traffic conditions around you.

The form of information presented in this application is in the form of CCTV photos and videos that are installed on several roads, so that you can easily know the condition of the road you are going to go through.

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In addition, this application also provides information about the location of the nearest workshop that comes from several car brands in various cities in Indonesia. This information is certainly very helpful if one day your vehicle has a problem.

Google Maps

This application is an application developed by Google with the aim of helping its users to find out the distance, route, and travel time from your destination. To avoid traffic jams using Google Maps, you can do the following trick:

Open the Google Maps application

Tap the Layer option or tap the three vertical lines icon on the top left, then select "Satellite & traffic"

Select the "Traffic" option

After this option is activated, the path on the map will automatically change color automatically. If the road is green, it indicates that the route is quiet, if the color is orange, then the road is quite dense, and if it is red, then the route will experience congestion. If the darker red, the more dense the vehicle is on the route.

Those are some applications that you can use to avoid traffic jams ahead of breaking the fast.

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