Used Motorcycle Battery Soak Because It Is Infrequently Used. Fact or myth?

News picture Used Motorcycle Battery Soak Because It Is Infrequently Used. Fact or myth?
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Used Motorcycle Battery Soak Because It Is Infrequently Used. Fact or myth?

JBA - One of the problems that often occur in used motorcycles is used motor batteries that are worn out or even die due to several things. But one factor that is often the main reason is because of the rarity of used motor batteries. Then is this assumption true?

According to one of Motobatt's sales supervisors, Setyawan, the reason for being rarely used is true because the used motor battery has a discharge condition.

"If that is indeed true. Because, if the battery has never been used, it will experience a discharge, "said Setyawan, as reported by the page.

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The discharge itself is a condition where the reduced voltage in the battery components.

"The battery actually has the ability to be able to withstand its discharges," Setyawan added.

So, if the battery is still in good condition, then when it is stored on the motor, the voltage is still there or in other words the voltage is still 100%.

"Well, if every week the motor does not experience charging, the battery will experience a reduction in power or discharge ranging from 10% to 20%," said Setiawan.

This condition occurs because even though the motor is off, there are still some components that are apparently still sucking the power from the battery.

Different conditions occur in motorcycles that are often used, such as riding a motorbike to go to the office, lecturing or just taking the child to school.

"If the battery is used frequently, it makes it circulate because of the charging process. This is because electricity produced by the spool is then accommodated in Aki, "explained Henry again.

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"From batteries, continue to be used to lights, horns, ignition, until later it can be filled again by the spool, and continues to circulate," added Henry.

According to Wawan, motorcycles that are often used can actually experience discharges in the battery. However, it is not as fast if the motor is not being used.

"But the time period is not as fast as if the motor was never used. That is why the age of a motor battery that is often used is more durable than used motorcycles that have never been used, "concluded Wawan.

Then what if the motor is not used often? Will it still make the motor battery soak or die?

"Actually, diligently heating the engine can reduce the risk of discharges that occur in the battery," concluded Wawan.

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