In 2020, used vehicle sales on the JBA Automotive Auction Platform have reached more than 100,000 units

News picture  In 2020, used vehicle sales on the JBA Automotive Auction Platform have reached more than 100,000 units
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In 2020, used vehicle sales on the JBA Automotive Auction Platform have reached more than 100,000 units

In 2020, used vehicle sales on the JBA Automotive Auction Platform have reached more than 100,000 units
During the pandemic, JBA actually recorded an increase in the number of used vehicle buyers by up to 75% compared to 2019.
Jakarta, 21 December 2020 - PT JBA Indonesia, the leading automotive auction platform in Indonesia, managed to record sales of used vehicles of up to 100,000 units, starting from January to December 10, 2020. The proportion of vehicle sales consists of 40 thousand cars and 60 thousand used motorbikes, while the number used vehicles that have been auctioned off by JBA reached more than 200,000 units. This figure is predicted to continue to increase until the close of 2020, considering that JBA is still holding an auction until the last week of December.
Of the total sales, there are five car and motorcycle brands that have become top sellers of used automotive hunters at the JBA auction, namely: Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Daihatsu Gran Max, Toyota Innova, and Toyota Calya. for the car category; and Honda Beat, Yahama Mio, Honda Vario, Yamaha NMAX, and Yamaha Mio Fino for the motorcycle category.
Despite the pandemic, in fact, the trend and buyers of used vehicles in 2020 have actually increased sharply. JBA noted that the number of used vehicle buyers has increased by 75% compared to 2019. This is because more and more people want to own private vehicles to facilitate mobility during the pandemic and reduce the risk of taking public transportation.
On the other hand, the number of new car purchases actually decreased quite significantly compared to 2019. Based on Gaikindo data, the five best-selling brands in Indonesia, namely Toyota, Daihatsu, Honda, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi, recorded a decrease in sales of more than 50% per October 2019, compared to with the same period last year.
"We are aware that the need for used vehicles will be a priority that needs to be fought for. For this reason, as a used car and motorcycle marketplace, JBA has anticipated and prepared strategic plans since the beginning of the pandemic, so that we can understand the needs of vehicle buyers and buyers, "said Deny Gunawan, Chief Operating Officer of PT JBA Indonesia, explaining JBA's business productivity at the year 2020.

Presents Innovations to Simplify Used Automotive Purchases
As the leading automotive auction platform in Indonesia, JBA continues to make it easier to purchase used cars by presenting various innovations. The following are five of a number of service and system innovations released by JBA throughout 2020:
1. Flexi Pay
Repayment time extension program for JBA members. This special facility for JBA car members allows used car buyers to pay off up to 28 calendar days, with terms and conditions previously agreed upon.
2. Quick Pay
Quick Pay is a special service for private car buyers or dealers. This program allows individual car buyers to get faster sales results, namely on auction day or a maximum of H + 1 auction.
3. Instant Pay
Still targeting private car buyers, the Instant Pay service allows private car buyers to immediately get a payment of up to 70% of the total price on the same day the car is deposited in the JBA pool for auction.
4. Booking Price
The Booking Price service makes it easy for JBA members to bid prices before the auction session starts. The price paid will be much cheaper, especially if no other party is bidding higher than the amount proposed, so that the opportunity to get the desired vehicle is even greater. The price can be determined or even changed by registered bidders up to a maximum of 30 lots before the unit starts being auctioned.
5. On-Off Bid
This service serves to reduce the risk of errors, problems with the user's system, or accidentally bidding on the wrong unit. Bidders can activate or deactivate the On-Off Bid feature on the gadget screen while the auction is in progress.
"Welcoming 2021, JBA will be more aggressively developing its business, starting from relocating to larger locations, increasing the number of new branches and pools, updating technology services for vehicle buyers and buyers, and launching technology-based membership services that are more beneficial to vehicle buyers and buyers. individual. We will move fast and innovate precisely in service and operations so that we can serve more buyers who need used cars, "added Deny.
About JBA
PT JBA Indonesia is part of the PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk group. (ASSA) which is engaged in the transportation and logistics services business. Currently, the JBA auction network has more than 18 branches, hubs and pools in various major cities in Indonesia. Every year, JBA conducts auctions of more than 100,000 units of used cars and motorbikes per year which makes JBA the number one auction house in Indonesia. JBA too

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