Now List of Auctions on JBA Easier!

News picture Now List of Auctions on JBA Easier!
date_range 2021-02-25
schedule 14:25:34
Now List of Auctions on JBA Easier!

JBA - JBA continues to innovate by simplifying services and systems for the auction registration process. Starting from having to come directly to the nearest branches, then registering via the website, the JBA Bidding application which can be downloaded via the Play Store, registering through the 1500 369 call center, and now JBA provides a registration system service via Barcode Scan.


Barcode Scan can be accessed at branches closest to you. To speed up and simplify the registration process at the branch cashier, you can use it directly on your own smartphone. Check out the method below:


  1. Smartphone Camera

Use the camera on your cellphone, then point it at the Car / Motorcycle Scan Barcode and a notification will appear "Tap here to open".


  1. Using Barcode Scan Application

Navigate to Car / Motorcycle Scan Barcode.


  1. Registration page

Then you will automatically be on the registration page, and you can immediately register to participate in the auction.


Very easy and fast, right? Immediately determine the used vehicle that you want, of course there are many choices. You can see the vehicle units available at your nearest branches by clicking here. There are used motorbikes, used cars, as well as heavy equipment and other vehicles you can find at JBA.


Come on, register and participate in the auction on JBA, so you can enjoy the benefits. Especially if you register as a JBA member with a deposit of IDR 10,000,000 settles for 6 months. For how to join the auction you can click here or contact our call center 1500 369.

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