Buying and selling used vehicles at JBA can get prizes

News picture Buying and selling used vehicles at JBA can get prizes
date_range 2021-05-28
schedule 16:53:05
Buying and selling used vehicles at JBA can get prizes

PT JBA INDONESIA - Who is the person who doesn't like being given gifts? Surely everyone is happy when given gifts. Be it a small gift or a big prize everyone is happy to get it JBA understands this. JBA, which always tries to make its customers feel happy, creates a program that always gives prizes to its customers.


Point rewards is one of the programs that JBA has been running for a long time. The system is quite simple, JBA customers can get point rewards by transacting on JBA. The points awarded can be collected up to the desired prize. For example, by eyeing shopping vouchers, customers can collect a minimum of 50 points which will later be exchanged for these vouchers. The highest prize is a motorbike by collecting 5000 points.


The way to redeem reward points is also quite easy. Customers only need to open the jba website or application, then enter the point rewards page. After entering the point rewards page, customers can choose which prizes will be exchanged for their points. After exchanging, customers can contact the nearest branch for the process of taking the prize.


One thing to remember, point rewards are only given to customers who are already members of JBA. If you are not already a member, you can register to become a JBA member here. Come on, become a member of JBA and win lots of prizes from JBA.

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