5 Best Selling Heavy Equipment at JBA

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5 Best Selling Heavy Equipment at JBA

PT JBA Indonesia – In 2021 apart from auctioning used cars and motorcycles, JBA will expand its business by focusing on auctioning heavy equipment. The JBA market for heavy equipment continues to increase. Are you curious about which heavy equipment are the favorites of JBA customers?

The following are the best-selling heavy equipment units sold at JBA in 2021:

1.Kubota TractorKubota tractor is a heavy equipment commonly used for fertilization mechanization process, transportation of crops, transportation of fertilizers etc. There are various types of Kubota tractors such as B Series, L Series, MX Series, and M Series.2.ForkliftFor the next best-selling heavy equipment is the Forklift, the purchase of the Forklift itself is quite a lot of demand. Usually the bidder who buys the unit from the Outer Jakarta Area3.Dump TruckThen there is the Dump Truck, this heavy equipment is usually used to transport several materials such as sand, gravel, to the soil needed for construction. Not only that, Dump Trucks are also often used to dispose of industrial waste and garbage, so there are quite a lot of fans of Dump Trucks themselves.4.BulldozerSimilar to Dump Trucks, Bulldozers are also often used for construction purposes. But the difference is that bulldozers are used to dig, push materials, pull loads, and stockpile construction materials.5.ExcavatorThe last heavy equipment is the Excavator, this versatile machine has an important role in helping various tough jobs. There are several types of excavators, such as Crawler, Wheeled, Suction, and Long Rech. The usefulness of the excavator can be adjusted to the needs of each.

Those are the 5 (five) favorite heavy equipment at JBA during 2021. Are you one of the heavy equipment buyers at JBA?

How to buy heavy equipment at JBA is quite easy. You only need to make an offer via the website https://alatberat.jba.co.id/. Bidding lasts for one week after the auction begins. Make sure you check the latest bid price to make sure your bid is right. Don't forget, you can check the heavy equipment directly before the auction to ensure the condition of the heavy equipment unit.

JBA regularly auctions heavy equipment every week. Come on, buy heavy equipment without the hassle, only at JBA!

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