Here it is, the car that will be targeted in 2021

News picture Here it is, the car that will be targeted in 2021
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Here it is, the car that will be targeted in 2021

PT JBA - In the midst of a pandemic in 2020, PT JBA Indonesia auction house managed to reach sales of motorbikes and used cars of more than 200,000 units. This means that JBA has succeeded in increasing the number of enthusiasts and buyers of used vehicles despite the pandemic.


Thus, the factor of increasing sales in JBA is due to the many service and system innovations that were launched in 2020. One of them is the Flexi Pay service or extension service for JBA members. This special facility for JBA car members allows used car buyers to pay off up to 28 calendar days, with terms and conditions previously agreed upon. This is a service of choice for buyers at JBA.


The car that is predicted to become a trend in 2021 is the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC). LCGC is a target because of its affordable and efficient prices for those of you who want to have a private vehicle due to the pandemic to facilitate daily mobility and to reduce the use of public transportation or for beginners who want to buy a used car. In addition to an affordable price, LCGC has features with advanced technology, attractive models, repair costs ranging from spare parts and others that are easy to obtain, and high resale prices.


You can choose the used car you want in JBA such as LCGC, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) or sedans with various brands and types with the information available on the Vehicle Data Sheet affixed to each unit. So, you can find out the condition of the unit. For those of you who don't understand about automotive, you can ask about the condition of the unit in the JBA field staff who are ready to help explain to you.


If you are interested and want to participate in an auction on JBA and enjoy Flexi Pay or time extension services, please click here and you can see the vehicle and the description of the vehicle. You can also contact the nearest PIC branch, or for more information, please contact our call center 1500 369.

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