Detecting Flooded Cars, Here Are 5 Ways!

News picture Detecting Flooded Cars, Here Are 5 Ways!
date_range 2021-08-20
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Detecting Flooded Cars, Here Are 5 Ways!

PT JBA Indonesia - When buying a used car, there are many things to consider such as taxes, documents and the physical appearance of the car. One of the main concerns is whether the used car has been hit by a flood?


Floods can damage components in the car. Therefore, if you buy a flooded used car, you have to pay more for service. Therefore, you must find out whether your target car has been flooded or not. Here are 5 ways to detect flooded used cars


1.Check Electronic Device

Check first on the electronics because the electronic parts of the car are prone to damage when exposed to water. Such as lights, audio speakers, air conditioners, wipers, and other electronic devices.


2.Check for Dirt and Sludge Deposits in the Interior

The next characteristic is deposits on the interior, even though it has been cleaned as much as possible there are some places that are out of reach, such as the AC grille holes, panel corners, and cables behind the dashboard. Also check the bottom seat of the car on the iron. If there is soil attached to it, it is likely that the car has been flooded.


3.Check Handbrake Gap

The handbrake has a holster that covers the handle of the handbrake. If the iron material in it (the teeth look like it) looks brownish and even rusty, it could be that the car has been submerged in a flood.


4.Check Pedal Base

 You also need to check the brakes, gas, and clutch. If that part looks rusty too, then the car has been flooded.


5.Test Drive

Lastly, don't forget to start the engine. Make sure the condition of the electronic devices in the car is still working properly. Then pay close attention to whether there is a strange sound from the car engine.


With you being able to find out the flooded used car, then at least your money won't be wasted. The used car that you buy can be used comfortably. If you want to buy a used car that is safe and comfortable, you can buy it through JBA. Hundreds of JBA vehicles auction every week.


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