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date_range 2021-06-08
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Pay STNK Tax Online

PT JBA Indonesia - Vehicles have become a basic need for almost everyone. Especially in big cities, vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, become friends in carrying out daily activities. Each vehicle has administrative legality by the state. Therefore, each vehicle is subject to the appropriate tax.


As good citizens, we should pay taxes. In the midst of the current pandemic, when activities outside the home must be limited, vehicle tax payments can now be made online. With innovations from the government, it is easier for us to manage state administrative matters, including paying vehicle taxes or vehicle registration taxes.


To make a STNK tax payment online, you can follow these steps:



First, you have to download the National Samsat Online application on your cellphone.


If you have finished downloading, go directly to the application, click start and select registration. Don't forget to prepare some complementary files.


You will be asked to enter some important information, such as your NIK, the police number listed on the STNK, and the last 5 digits of the car's chassis number. If so, proceed to request a payment code.


You will get an electronic SKPP as well as a payment code. Payments can be made through e-commerce such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak. In addition, payments can also be made through collaborating banks, such as Mandiri, BNI, BRI, CIMB Niaga, BCA, BTN, and Permata Bank.


If the payment process has been carried out, you will be sent an E-TBPKB and e-STNK Validation via e-mail according to the account registered with Samolnas. Both documents are valid for up to 30 days from the time they were first sent to you.


Furthermore, the Samsat will send the TBPKB/SKPD and a sticker of the STNK validation in physical form to the address listed on the STNK in the future. The shipping process takes about 7 days.


That's how to pay STNK tax online through Samolnas. Easy, right? Despite the unfavorable conditions, it is now easier to pay taxes online. Only with a smartphone and internet network, motor vehicle tax payments can take place quickly and easily. There is no longer any reason to be tax arrears. Pay taxes in an orderly manner because our taxes are for us.


Source : Auto 2000

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