9 Powerful Ways of Used Matic Motors to Last JBA Recommendations

News picture 9 Powerful Ways of Used Matic Motors to Last JBA Recommendations
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9 Powerful Ways of Used Matic Motors to Last JBA Recommendations

Jakarta – Motor matic is the most widely used type of motorbike in various cities in Indonesia. Automatic transmission, ergonomic design, more agile handling and a much larger trunk are some of the advantages of automatic motorbikes. Buying a used motorbike, of course, also requires maintenance so that it is as smooth as a new automatic motorbike. Here's a powerful way to make your used automatic motorcycle last longer:


  1. Warm up the engine in the morning regularly

Heating the motor is a way of treating by heating the engine so that the oil in the engine can lubricate the engine perfectly, so that the performance of your motorcycle engine is maximized. A good way to heat an automatic motor is to heat the motor for approximately 5 minutes to 10 minutes and you should only use a kick starter if you use an electric starter, of course, it will reduce the battery more from your motorbike.


  1. Replace the motorcycle battery regularly

It is recommended that you replace the motorcycle battery within 7-8 months after the last replacement. Otherwise, your motor will lose power. In addition, the light will decrease, so you have to use a kick starter to turn on your automatic motor.


  1. Change the motor oil and shock breaker regularly

You have to change every 1,000 km and for a maximum motor transmission oil change (axle oil) when your automatic motor has reached 5,000 km. If you forget the kilometer reference for an oil change, you should do routine maintenance on your used automatic every 2 to 3 months and don't forget to use oil that matches the specifications of the automatic motor you have. For the schedule for changing the oil, the shock motor can be replaced every time your used automatic motorbike reaches 10,000 km.


  1. Check the condition of the van belt and roller

Checking the condition of the van belt is an important thing for you to do. The condition of the van belt, which has a material made of rubber, is feared to break in the middle of the road, causing your used automatic motorbike to stop and not be able to run anymore. We recommend that you use original original spare parts so that your used motorcycle will last longer.


  1. Stabilize gas speed

Lowering the gas pressure when the used motorbike is running fast or the other way around, can be risky bad for your motorbike. Because, without realizing it, this will damage the life of your used automatic motorcycle engine and van belt.


  1. Don't run out of gas

In maintaining and caring for an automatic motorbike, a bad habit that often occurs is an automatic motorbike until it runs out of gas. Do not let the automatic motorbike stop on the road because the gasoline runs out because it can damage the motorbike engine. Especially on the injection motor matic. For that, always try to keep your automatic motor from showing the E indicator on the speedometer and get used to your automatic motorbike containing full fuel to anticipate this.


  1. Routinely service the motorbike at the workshop

Maintenance on a used automatic motorcycle service usually includes changing the oil, cleaning the carburetor and setting the motor. You are advised to service the automatic motorbike at an official workshop so that your automatic motorbike can use original automatic motorbike parts. Perform periodic service approximately once every 3 months to maintain the performance of your automatic motorcycle.


  1. Wash the motorbike with special soap

Currently, there are many choices of special soap or shampoo for washing motorbikes. The chemical content in special soap or shampoo does not make the color of your automatic motorcycle paint fade quickly.


  1. Wipe the motorcycle body after getting wet

A trivial habit that causes water spots on your automatic motorbike body to be damaged, namely not wiping the motorbike after it rains or even after washing it. This can make the motor look white spots on the body.


Well, these methods are quite simple and easy, right? If you continue to take good care of your used automatic motorbike, then the automatic motorbike you have will be guaranteed to last. If you are looking for an automatic motorbike in accordance with the desired conditions, you can click here or you can contact customer service at 021 1500 369 for more complete information about automatic motorbikes at the JBA auction hall.

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