7 Guidelines for Buying a Used Car at the Auction Hall

News picture 7 Guidelines for Buying a Used Car at the Auction Hall
date_range 2020-11-25
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7 Guidelines for Buying a Used Car at the Auction Hall

JBA Indonesia - Want to try buying a used car directly at the auction hall? Here are tips from JBA:


  1. Find out about the auction house

You can visit the JBA auction site website at www.jba.co.id or by downloading the JBA application on your smartphone. By opening the JBA website or application, you can view information about the location, how to join the auction, how to buy, and many others.

  1. Choose the car you want

Adjust the choice of car to be purchased with your needs and budget. You can see it in the car auction list on the JBA website or application. Because there are various kinds of choices of brands and types of vehicles in the JBA auction.

  1. Don't forget to check the auction schedule

Write down the date of the auction that you will participate in so you don't miss the auction event.

  1. Check the vehicle you want

You can come directly to the nearest JBA branch and check the vehicle unit you want. Check the condition of the vehicle until the letter is complete. There is a JBA inspection team available to assist you, should you have any inquiries about the unit.

  1. Register to be a participant in the auction

After you check the vehicle to be purchased, you must register as an auction participant so that you will get a Bidder Identification Number (NIPL) to bid on the car of your choice.

  1. Make a deposit

If you register, you are required to make a deposit as collateral to participate in the auction on JBA. Don't worry, the deposit in JBA can be deducted to pay off your unit or you can register as a JBA Member with the conditions click here,

  1. Participating in an auction at JBA

For those of you who already have a NIPL, you can take part in auction events at JBA.


Here's a guide to buying used cars at JBA auction houses, it's really easy, right! For more details and details, you can click here.

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