6 Easy & Powerful Ways to Take Care of Used Motorcycles After Floods, JBA Recommendations

News picture 6 Easy & Powerful Ways to Take Care of Used Motorcycles After Floods, JBA Recommendations
date_range 2022-10-14
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6 Easy & Powerful Ways to Take Care of Used Motorcycles After Floods, JBA Recommendations

Jakarta – Entering the rainy season, a number of cities are often hit by floods. This can certainly endanger the condition of your motorbike, and there is a risk of water entering the engine or cylinder, causing a water hammer condition. Reporting from several sources, a motor that is submerged in a flood can have an impact on engine oil which leads to engine damage. Not only that, the axle parts of the motor also have the potential to be damaged if the axle oil is contaminated with water. Here's an easy and effective way to take care of your used motorcycle after a flood so that it stays in prime condition:


  1. Clean and wash the motor with clean water and special soap.

You must wash the motorcycle after being submerged in a flood to avoid corrosion or rust. Don't forget to use special soap or shampoo when washing your motorbike because the chemical content in special soap or shampoo does not make the paint color of your motorbike fade quickly.


  1. Check the battery and electricity or motor cable lines.

Do not immediately turn on the main switch or ignition, you must make sure all cables, electrical systems and batteries are dry so that there is no short circuit when the motor is turned on.


  1. Change engine oil and axle oil.

Replace the engine oil including transmission oil with a new one so as to minimize the risk of water contaminating the engine oil and transmission oil.


  1. Make sure the CVT is dry.

You just need to drain the water on the CVT by opening or removing the small hose located at the end of the CVT of your motorcycle.


  1. Check the filter or air filter.

Open and clean the air filter, and make sure your motorcycle's air filter is dry. If the condition of your motorcycle air filter is not suitable for use, then replace it with a new air filter.


  1. Check spark plugs and plug caps.

Open and dry the spark plugs and caps to prevent ignition leakage from the motor. You can also try cranking the motor a few times to get the water in the cylinder out of the spark plug hole.


Well, these methods are quite simple and easy, right? If you continue to take good care of your used motorbike, then the motorbike you have will be guaranteed to last. If you are looking for a motorbike in accordance with the desired condition, you can click here or contact customer service at 021 1500 369 for more detailed information about used motorbikes at the JBA auction hall.

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