6 Cars Suitable for GEN-Z, JBA Recommendations

News picture 6 Cars Suitable for GEN-Z, JBA Recommendations
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6 Cars Suitable for GEN-Z, JBA Recommendations

Jakarta – Currently, Gen Z in droves want to buy their own car. Of course, it must be with a sporty body design and a comfortable interior. That's why many car brand manufacturers are competing to produce quality car products but still fit in the pockets of Gen Z children.


Usually, the best vehicles for Gen Z are smaller, like compact city cars and superminis. This type of car is suitable for Gen Z or new drivers because it has several advantages such as the following:

  • Easier to maneuver, park and drive.
  • Easier to run.
  • More colorful.
  • More Stylish.
  • Save fuel.
  • Cheaper to insure.
  • Maintenance is easy.


Here are six recommendations for cars that are suitable for Gen Z, which you can get by participating in an auction at JBA:


  1. Toyota Agya

This car has a more modern design with the presence of projector lamps and LEDs on the back. In addition, this car also has TRD Sportivo accessories that make it look sportier. This car is equipped with an automatic transmission so that it is practical to drive on heavy traffic roads.


Toyota Agya is known as one of the most fuel-efficient cars because it can cover up to 19.3 km with only 1 liter of fuel. This is because the Toyota Agya uses a 1KR DOHC 12 Valve engine which is also supported by Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology.


To support driver comfort and safety, the Toyota Agya is equipped with electronic power steering, power door locks, power windows, air conditioning, and eco model indicators that can function to provide information related to the use of fuel that has been used.


  1. Honda Brio

The next choice of car suitable for young people is the Brio RS MT (2018). This Honda car manufacturer is known to be agile and efficient, so it is suitable for use by young people and women. In addition, this car is also equipped with accessories that are very abundant so that it looks cool and stylish.


Honda Brio managed to get the award as the best LCGC car in 2015. With a design that was made following the trend of young people, the Honda Brio proved to be very attractive in terms of fuel consumption. Honda Brio has been tested to be able to cover up to 21.2 km using only 1 liter of fuel.


This car has passed the EURO standard emission test so it is safe and environmentally friendly. With the economical price offered, you can already get a car with a sporty design that is equipped with various safety features. These features include parking sensors, ABS brakes, fog lamps, and immobilizer.


  1. Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 GT SkyActiv is an attractive choice for an urban hatchback. This Mazda has an aggressive and modern design with a stylish and sporty appearance. For performance, this car offers competitive performance and fuel efficiency. This car is also equipped with qualified features in its class and is able to become a dark horse in its class.


Mazda 2 excels in the features it brings. This is one of the advantages of points from competitors, especially for the variant over the GT. The car is equipped with LED headlights and daytime running lights, and the spotlight of this car can change automatically. Then access to enter and machine is made easier because it uses smart keyless, so it is enough to press a button to prevent or turn off the machine. The MZD Connect entertainment center relies on a 7-inch TFT touch screen. In addition to touch, there is a swivel dial on the center console for managing infotainment, plus buttons on the steering wheel. Various formats can be played with Bluetooth connectivity, AUX port, USB and MicroSD. Airconditioning the cabin of this car is automatic with the support of climate control. There is another interesting feature as well, namely the head-up display. This feature displays speed figures and directions from the navigation system on the windshield.


  1. Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz offers a sporty design with a 1.5 liter engine. This car provides optimal comfort with the layout of the cabin space which is spacious enough for 5 adults.


This car is also equipped with Drive by Wire technology, thus making the Honda Jazz one of the youth cars known to be fuel efficient. This technology provides the ability to control the throttle valve so that it can be opened and closed to get a more precise acceleration, while still being fuel efficient.


This car with a dynamic and sporty exterior is also equipped with various international safety features, such as pedestrian protection, seatbelt adjuster, 3P ELR seatbelt, side impact beam, and dual SRS airbags.


  1. Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is the next car choice that is also suitable for Gen Z. This car has a stylish and elegant design. In addition, this car is also agile and economical, so it is popular among young people. The Yaris is also equipped with TRD Sportivo accessories which are made more aggressive.


With a trendy design and equipped with various Android-based entertainment features, it makes it a great choice for Gen Z with high mobility.


The Toyota Yaris is also included in the category of cars that are economical in fuel use. Having an engine with type 1 NZ-FE 1.4 liter of DOHC VVT-i type makes the Toyota Yaris capable of producing power up to 109 ps.


Some of the features available in this car include a navigation system, Wifi internet connection, 3-point seatbelt, dual STS airbags, immobilizer key, and a security system.


  1. Suzuki Ignis

The next car is Suzuki's flagship LCGC car which was released in 2020. The latest generation Suzuki Ignis has an appearance that looks very dashing but also unique because of its dimensions that tend to be minimalist.


Because it is classified as an LCGC car, the Suzuki Ignis is also quite economical in fuel use because it is supported by a K12M type engine with a capacity of 1,197 cc. Equipped with multipoint injection technology, the Suzuki Ignis combustion system is considered quite effective and able to reduce fuel consumption.


Well, are there any of the six cars that are suitable for Gen Z that are your target? Come on, check the vehicle at the JBA auction! For other vehicle information, click here or contact JBA customer service at 021 1500 369.

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