11 Benefits of Being a JBA Member

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11 Benefits of Being a JBA Member

When you take part in an auction at JBA, you could get many other additional benefits, of course besides cars, motorbikes or heavy equipment that are affordable and according to your needs. Through One JBA Membership, which is a membership program for JBA auction participants, you will get a variety of very interesting benefits and make it easier for you to participate in auctions at JBA. Here are 11 benefits of One JBA Membership, namely:


  1. No need to register every time you want to join the auction

You don't need to re-register every time you participate in an auction at various branches at JBA, thus saving you time and immediately competing to get your target vehicle at auction.


  1. Can book the price of the target vehicle

When you become a member at JBA, you can order the vehicle you want so that the price offered is more affordable, if no one bids up to the amount you enter, and the chances of getting the vehicle you want are greater.


  1. One auction can win up to 12 cars and 25 motorbikes per auction

By registering to become a JBA member, especially a Platinum member, you will get exclusivity of benefits when participating in the auction. With a smaller deposit than non-members, you could get more cars or motorbikes at auction.


  1. Get reward points every time you win a unit

Buy used cars and used motorbikes with member status at JBA and have the opportunity to get reward points from JBA. The accumulated points can later be exchanged for various prizes ranging from: shopping vouchers, electronic vouchers to motorbikes.


  1. Get reward points on birthday

One JBA Membership members will get reward points for a week during JBA's birthday celebration, so you can collect lots of reward points quickly and exchange your reward points for various attractive prizes from JBA.


  1. Get a discount on the flexi pay program

Flexi Pay is an extension of the repayment period. When you win a car, motorcycle and heavy equipment unit at JBA, it's easier with the extension program to pay off the car you won at JBA. Through a discount on this program, you will be even more relieved by a discount on the vehicle repayment price.


  1. Gift packages for your Hari Raya

On holidays, One JBA Membership members could get a variety of interesting exclusive souvenirs from JBA.


  1. Free Admin Voucher

The depositor of the unit who has become a member will get a deposit admin voucher to get a discount when depositing the unit at the JBA auction hall.


  1. Get the latest information and programs faster and exclusive

JBA will provide a variety of the latest information and programs exclusively to One JBA Membership members according to the member category via WA.


  1. Can follow member's exclusive programs

When you become a member of One JBA Membership, you can take part in a series of exclusive member programs and could get various vouchers or other attractive prizes.


  1. Lots of interesting surprises!

JBA members get the first opportunity to enjoy various prizes, attractive offers, or the latest programs that provide many more benefits for you JBA members.


Well, let's register yourself as a member of One JBA Membership to get the various benefits above. You can get these benefits in accordance with the applicable provisions. Come on, get the benefits and convenience of participating in the auction at JBA.

To check further you can click here or you can contact customer service at 021 1500 369 for more detailed information about One JBA Membership.

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