Selling Used Cars Fast and Safe

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date_range 2020-09-25
schedule 17:18:05
Selling Used Cars Fast and Safe

PT JBA Indonesia, Jakarta - Selling used cars is not an easy matter, because we are required to find buyers who are interested and willing to pay the price we want. Not to mention, security when meeting potential car buyers and transactions is also a challenge for sellers.


JBA Auction Hall offers convenience and security in selling your car. At JBA, hundreds of prospective buyers are present at every auction so that the chances of your car being sold are even greater. How to sell vehicles on JBA is also easy, you can go directly to the nearest JBA branch location, or through the JBA website. You can check all the information about how to sell JBA here.


JBA also has a Quick Pay & Instant Pay program, which is an accelerated payment program for vehicles sold. You can immediately get a payment of 70% of the price of the car the day you leave the car at JBA. For information about the Quick Pay & Instant Pay program you can check here.


All auction activities and transactions at JBA are protected by legal entities, so it is safe for used car dealers or individuals who want to leave their units at the JBA auction hall.

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