date_range 17 - Feb - 2023
schedule 10 : 02 : 32
Mau Ikut Program Perlindungan Dari JBA Tapi Masih Belum Tau Caranya, Cek Disini Yuk!

date_range 14 - Feb - 2023
schedule 17 : 02 : 20
Unit Bisnis Baru JBA , ‘Bekas Mobil’ dimulai 17 Febuari Ini

date_range 01 - Feb - 2023
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#Februari Istimewa di JBA Untuk Kamu

date_range 20 - Jan - 2023
schedule 18 : 01 : 00
Hujan Cuan Untuk Pelanggan Setia JBA

date_range 17 - Jan - 2023
schedule 15 : 01 : 46
Dengar Siaran Langsung Lelang JBA? Bisa Banget

date_range 2019-06-10
schedule 17:54:21
Tips to Overcome Stress When Traffic Loss When Backflow Eid

JBA - Lebaran holidays have been completed, various moments with relatives and friends in the hometown have become their own stories and certainly memorable moments every Lebaran trip. Now it's time for you to return to your activities and productivity as before. However, before doing your activities, you must face the backflow of Eid, which of course is always filled with traffic jams and congestion. Please Read: Safe Homecoming Using a Motorcycle, Pay Attention to These Tips In addition to...

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date_range 2019-06-03
schedule 15:08:37
Safe Homecoming Using a Motorcycle, Pay Attention to These Tips

JBA - Homecoming is one of the traditions of the Indonesian people every year, where there are millions of travelers who will later travel to their hometown through various routes, starting from land, sea and air. However, whatever route is taken, going home usually takes a considerable distance and is carried out for a long time. Therefore, before you leave, there are several things that you need to pay attention to, starting from food intake and sleep patterns. Among the various modes of...

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date_range 2019-05-27
schedule 18:40:51
Consider This Before Homecoming Using a Private Car

JBA - Eid holiday period is widely used by Indonesian people to prepare for going home. One of them is preparing transportation to be used when going home, whether using a private car or using a tourist bus. Homecoming using a private car or tourism bus each offers several benefits, both in terms of time to comfort. Please Read: Energy Saving Tips When Fasting For Motorists If going home using a private car, you will get several benefits, such as in terms of a more efficient time, and can...

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date_range 2019-05-21
schedule 09:33:12
5 Matic Motorcycle Brands That Are Suitable For Friendship During Eid

JBA - Along with the several models and types of motorbikes in the Indonesian automotive market, the matic motorbike is the most used vehicle and chosen by the Indonesian people to stay in touch with relatives. The following are some of the most economical fuel-efficient motorbike recommendations and can be a choice of vehicles when Eid or stay in touch with your relatives in your hometown, including: 1. Honda Vario 150 Esp Please Read: Energy Saving Tips When Fasting For Motorists This...

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date_range 2019-05-13
schedule 14:28:39
Energy Saving Tips When Fasting For Motorists

OTOmart - Driving using a motorcycle is one type of work that is quite tiring and heavy, especially when the fasting month is like this. Therefore, saving energy can be one solution so that your body can survive until the time of breaking the fast arrives. The following are some energy saving tips on driving when fasting that you can do easily. The first energy-saving program starts from regulating sleep patterns and maximizing dawn. If both of these are sufficient, then it will certainly...

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