date_range 01 - Feb - 2023
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#Februari Istimewa di JBA Untuk Kamu

date_range 20 - Jan - 2023
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Hujan Cuan Untuk Pelanggan Setia JBA

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Dengar Siaran Langsung Lelang JBA? Bisa Banget

date_range 30 - Dec - 2022
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Special for the Beginning of the Year, 20% +23% JBA Flexi Pay Discount for All JBA Customers

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Promo Bulan November Spesial Ulang Tahun JBA

date_range 2019-10-07
schedule 15:44:07
3 This Is the Cause of Shorter Matic Transmission Oil Age

JBA - Among the various car transmission systems that exist today, the conventional automatic transmission system is one of the most popular and widespread transmission systems used by various well-known car brands. Even so, this conventional Matic transmission system oil needs to be always checked. As is known, oil is the main heart of this type of transmission. Through this oil, the gearbox will be able to work optimally in channeling engine power so that it can move the vehicle. Therefore,...

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date_range 2019-09-30
schedule 14:56:11
Problems That Often Occur When Buying a Used Daihatsu Cadet

JBA - Daihatsu Taruna is one of the Daihatsu products that became the forerunner of the birth of Daihatsu Terios which currently exists in the Indonesian automotive market. As is known, Daihatsu has long stopped production of Cadets in 2007 since it was officially introduced in 1999 by PT Daihatsu Astra Motor as the official distributor of Daihatsu product sales in Indonesia. Read to: This Will Happen If Car Buying Spark Plugs Are Not In Accordance with Standards In 2001, Daihatsu gave the...

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date_range 2019-09-23
schedule 16:01:30
Are Your Yamaha Lexi LED Lights Less Bright? This is the Solution!

JBA - One problem that is often experienced and complained by Yamaha Lexi owners is the default LED headlamp that is not too bright compared to its competitors. In fact, the type of lamp mounted on the headlamp is a type of LED that is known to be very bright. Then what is the solution? Currently, there are many workshops that make packages to upgrade Yamaha Lexi LED headlamps with a fairly varied price range. Read to: This Will Happen If Car Buying Spark Plugs Are Not In Accordance with...

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date_range 2019-09-16
schedule 17:06:36
This Will Happen If You Buy a Spark Plug Car Does Not Match the Standards

JBA - One of the components in a car engine that you should not ignore is a car spark plug. Because, if you are wrong, especially in the selection of spark plugs that are not in accordance with engine standards will actually cause a considerable impact on the performance of your car's engine. As is known, car spark plugs are the most important component in a car so that the engine can work optimally. Many car owners ignore the engine spark plug problem. One way is to replace components that...

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date_range 2019-09-11
schedule 15:19:10
Want to Buy LED Headlamp Models? You Should Consider These 3 Things

JBA - The role and function of lights or headlamps are very important for the vehicle. Aside from being lighting when driving, the lamp also functions as a sign for other road users. Headlamp itself has experienced a lot of development. Currently, the headlamp is divided into three models, namely Halogen, HID (High-Intensity Discharge), and LED (Light-Emitting Diode). Among the three, LED lights are the most widely used models. Read to: Want to Buy a Used Yamaha NMAX? You should check this...

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