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Nikmati Keuntungan di Bursa Mobil Autopedia Khusus Untuk Member JBA

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Ikut Lelang Makin Untung di JBA, Dapatkan Voucher JBA Rp 1 Jt

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Extra +11 Point Eksklusif Member JBA

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JBA Panjat Hadiah

date_range 2019-04-01
schedule 13:47:36
4 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

JBA - For the lower middle class people, buying a used car or resale is one of the best options if you want to have a car but at a relatively affordable price. Even so, before you buy a used car, you should consider the following things, so as not to be wrong in choosing a car. Reported from the page, there are four important factors that you need to consider with potential customers in choosing a used car, including: 1. As Needed. Before buying a used car, the first step that you...

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date_range 2019-03-25
schedule 13:32:24
Tips to Make Yamaha NMAX Rear Sokbreker So Soft

JBA - Based on the experience of some of its users, the rear part of the Yamaha NMAX sokbreker is still too hard. This certainly makes passengers feel uncomfortable, especially when they are on a damaged and perforated road. Therefore, many users use various tricks so that the back of the NMAX becomes soft, especially the brackets. The following are some tricks that you can use, one of which is by sliding the NMAX rear brackets so that the slammer becomes softer. Read: Upholst Honda Hard...

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date_range 2019-03-18
schedule 15:00:28
Seat Honda Hard Beat! Replace This Motorcycle Seat Let It Soft

JBA - One of the favorite motorbikes in Indonesia, Honda BeAT is one of the highest-selling motorcycles. This can be proved by sales data which state that Honda's BeAt sales figures are currently leading compared to other motorcycle models. Even so, this Honda matic scooter has many complaints, where one of the most frequently complained of is the seat component that is quite hard when occupied. "Usually if you ride the motorbike for more than an hour, the buttocks will become hot," said Rudy...

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date_range 2019-03-11
schedule 15:00:56
The price of the LMPV car naturally increases, the following is the list!

JBA - Entering March 2019, there seems to be a change in the price of a LMPV (low multi-purpose vehicle) car. Some cars are known to have made price changes this month, namely the Suzuki Ertiga and Mitsubishi Xpander. The occurrence of price increases on the Suzuki Ertiga can be said to be reasonable, considering that Suzuki has added a number of features to this vehicle, from the exterior to the interior, especially for the GL and GX models. While for the GA type, it is still marketed at the...

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date_range 2019-03-04
schedule 15:06:38
Recognize the Differences in Tires for SUVs and MPVs This Will Not Explode!

JBA - In launching its newest product, usually car manufacturers will collaborate with quality tire manufacturers to specifically design tires for certain cars. This is so that the latest products really have good grip with a high level of stability when driving. Because, if you choose the wrong tire can be fatal both for motorists and passengers who are in it. That is why the tires used in cars for the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment are different from the multi purpose vehicle (MPV)...

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