date_range 01 - Feb - 2023
schedule 16 : 02 : 11
#Februari Istimewa di JBA Untuk Kamu

date_range 20 - Jan - 2023
schedule 18 : 01 : 00
Hujan Cuan Untuk Pelanggan Setia JBA

date_range 17 - Jan - 2023
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Dengar Siaran Langsung Lelang JBA? Bisa Banget

date_range 30 - Dec - 2022
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Special for the Beginning of the Year, 20% +23% JBA Flexi Pay Discount for All JBA Customers

date_range 01 - Nov - 2022
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Promo Bulan November Spesial Ulang Tahun JBA

date_range 2019-11-11
schedule 16:54:34
Guidelines for Changing Oil Drive On Automatic Motor and Costs

JBA - One important component in the automatic motor that must always be considered is the axle oil. Then when is the time for your automatic motor drive oil to be replaced? As is known, each motor manufacturer has a threshold for changing the axle oil which varies depending on the level of usage of the user. In addition, if these components are ignored, negative effects will occur in the automatic transmission system. Read to: Officially Stop Selling New Cars, What are the Used Chevrolet...

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date_range 2019-11-04
schedule 14:07:27
Officially Stops Selling New Cars, What's the Used Chevrolet Cars?

JBA - Termination of new car sales made by Chevrolet in the Indonesian automotive market, is certainly quite surprising. Considering the quality of this car is quite good, both in terms of build quality to engine performance. Then does this condition have an impact on the sale of used cars? Some used car showroom owners also say if for influence there must be, even so, the effect to date has not been too felt. Read to: Looking for Used Honda Jazz? The official price is quite...

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date_range 2019-10-28
schedule 15:26:00
Looking for Used Honda Jazz? The official price is quite affordable!

JBA - At the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, Honda finally released its latest Honda Jazz product, also known as the Honda Fit in Japan. The latest Honda Jazz model was named the All-New Honda Fit on Wednesday (10/23/2019). At first glance the appearance of the latest All New Honda Fit is similar to the All-New Brio which is sold in Indonesia, so that makes the sporty impression that previously radiated disappear. This is because the corners of the design of the formerly sharp and sharp Honda Jazz...

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date_range 2019-10-21
schedule 14:27:28
How Much Does a Used Chevrolet Captiva Routine Maintenance Cost? Check here!

JBA - One of the things that are considered in buying a used car is the cost of routine maintenance that must be paid every month. Especially if the age of the vehicle is more than 5 years. One of them is the former Chevrolet Captiva diesel alerts 2007 to 2009. As is known, the used Chevrolet Captiva diesel is currently the star in the used car market. Just imagine, with a price of under Rp. 100 million, you can get a car with a fierce engine capacity and a handsome appearance. Read to:...

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date_range 2019-10-14
schedule 15:42:41
Daihatsu History of Youth and its Disease List!

JBA - If a compact car is not able to accommodate the needs of your entire family, then you can drop the choice to one of these used cars, the Daihatsu Taruna F-Series. This car has a much more passenger capacity and a monocoque body that is able to accommodate your family's needs. Currently, there are 2 types of Daihatsu Youth to choose from, namely the C-Series and F-Series. If you are looking for a family car, then the Daihatsu Taruna F-Series can be your choice. Because this vehicle has...

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