date_range 01 - Feb - 2023
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#Februari Istimewa di JBA Untuk Kamu

date_range 20 - Jan - 2023
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Hujan Cuan Untuk Pelanggan Setia JBA

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Dengar Siaran Langsung Lelang JBA? Bisa Banget

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Special for the Beginning of the Year, 20% +23% JBA Flexi Pay Discount for All JBA Customers

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Promo Bulan November Spesial Ulang Tahun JBA

date_range 2020-02-07
schedule 15:05:27
Tips for Choosing a Quality Shockbreaker For Your Motorcycle

JBA - Shockbreaker is one of the important components in a motor that serves to reduce vibration when the motor is running. This component has an important function to support the convenience of its users. Along with usage, shock breaker also has a lifetime so it is damaged and can no longer dampen vibrations so it needs to be replaced with new ones. Read To: Before Buying a Used Motorcycle, First Check Some of These Things! But finding a new, comfortable snob is not easy. Some tricks are...

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date_range 2020-01-31
schedule 16:58:39
Before Buying a Used Motorcycle, First Check Some of These Things!

JBA - You want to buy a used motorcycle? Well, you should not only check the condition of the body, engine, and odometer only. But the following components you should also check so that you do not regret it in the future. As is known, there are several components that usually need to be checked, especially if you buy a used motorbike. Trivial components that are rarely considered, even though the function is quite important for the driver. Read To: Used Motorcycle Battery Soak Because It Is...

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date_range 2020-01-24
schedule 16:25:41
Electric Power Steering Damaged Due to Floods, This Is the Solution!

JBA - The risk that often occurs when a car is flooded is damage to some parts of the engine or some electrical compound. One of them is an electrical component called the Electric Power Steering (EPS). This electrical component can be damaged by floods that hit EPS modules and motors. But in some cases, in general, the part that is often damaged is the EPS motor part. Read To: Don't Do This After the Car Is Flooded The head of the Astrido Daihatsu workshop in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta,...

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date_range 2020-01-10
schedule 14:08:47
Don't Do This After the Car Is Flooded

JBA - Some areas in Jabodetabek some time ago experienced flood conditions. Even some cars are flooded, causing material losses for car owners. When the flood has receded, the car owners should not immediately start their cars that have been flooded with the aim that the damage is not widespread so that you have to pay even more. Read to: It Turns Out That Cause Disc Disk Run Out Faster Astra Daihatsu Motor Technical Services Executive Coordinator, Anjar Rosadi said that car owners should not...

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date_range 2020-01-05
schedule 09:24:27
Cause Disc Discs Brake Discharged Faster

JBA - One important component in a car is its braking system. In today's modern cars, the braking system has used disc brakes. But this disc brake always escapes the attention of the car owner so minimal maintenance. Like other components, disc brakes can also be damaged. One of the damages that are often experienced by any car is the disc brake disks that run out thereby reducing the performance of the braking system. Read to: Your Honda Mobilio CVT Transmission is Buzzing, This Is the...

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