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Nikmati Keuntungan di Bursa Mobil Autopedia Khusus Untuk Member JBA

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Ikut Lelang Makin Untung di JBA, Dapatkan Voucher JBA Rp 1 Jt

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Extra +11 Point Eksklusif Member JBA

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JBA Panjat Hadiah

date_range 2019-07-15
schedule 14:43:59
Want to Buy Terios and Used Rush? We recommend that you follow this guide!

JBA - Since its appearance in 2007 ago, two twin cars in the LSUV segment which are the result of cooperation between Toyota and Daihatsu, namely Rush and Terios immediately attracted the attention of automotive lovers from the country. At present, even the Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Rush still get a place in the hearts of their fans, even the former Terios and Rush are still in great demand today. Daihatsu Terios has three types of choices that you can choose, namely TS, TX M / T, and TX A /...

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date_range 2019-07-10
schedule 16:29:03
This Is The Right Time To Replace Front Motor Sokbreker

JBA - Driving comfort is one of the important things to consider when riding a motorcycle. One component that needs to be considered to support the comfort of a motorcycle is sokbreker. Sokbreker itself is one of the supporting components of comfort that helps to make your riding activities comfortable. Therefore, this component needs to be maintained regularly even though the component has not been damaged. Also Read: As a Result of Replacing Radiator Water with Tap Water or Mineral Water If...

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date_range 2019-07-01
schedule 17:01:27
Check These 5 Components Before Buying a Used Car

JBA - In the past few years, used cars have become increasingly sought after, especially in big cities that are often hit by congestion. By only relying on two pedals, making this car is considered suitable for use in areas that often occur congestion, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and several other major cities in Indonesia. However, to get used automatic cars with prime conditions, certainly not easy. Some special tips are needed so that you can find used cars in prime condition. The...

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date_range 2019-06-24
schedule 15:33:12
As a result of Replacing Radiator Water with Tap Water or Mineral Water

JBA - Radiator water or what is often called a water cooling system is one of the important elements that functions to cool the engine to prevent overheating. In general, car manufacturers have directly provided water coolant for each product they have made.  This happens because every car manufacturer has a different level of concentrate so it is necessary to adjust according to the manual that has been given. This liquid also needs to be replaced regularly. Because, its ability to bind heat...

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date_range 2019-06-17
schedule 17:32:50
Tips for Private Car Check After a Long Trip

JBA - The past few weeks have been moments when homecomings flocked back to their villages after spending time on Lebaran leave in their hometown. Even so, before starting your activity again, you should check your car first. After returning to activities, there are several components that you need to check so that later you will not experience significant problems. But before you check the various components, you should clean the car first, starting from the outside, inside, luggage to the...

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