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date_range 2018-12-24
schedule 15:57:25
Lighten the Tsunami Victims in Banten, Auto2000 Makes Special Programs.

JBA — Grief news seems to not wants to stop for Indonesia. After an earthquake that devastated Lombok and its surroundings, it was followed by an earthquake and tsunami in the area of Palu, Donggala and its surroundings. Then on Saturday night (12/22/2018) yesterday there was a brunt of a tsunami in the Sunda Strait region, precisely around the coast of Banten and Lampung. Tsunamis that occur suddenly without any warning make a lot of leaves fall and many damaged vehicles ranging from severe...

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date_range 2018-12-17
schedule 14:07:11
End of Year Car Discounts 2018, Terios Discounts up to IDR 6 Million.

OTOmart — To close the sale and pursue the target before closing the book in 2018, in general various car dealers will give discounted on cars at the end of 2018 and various bonuses that are quite tempting to attract the interest of the Indonesian people. This is certainly welcomed by people whom wants to buy a new car at a relatively affordable prices. Because, usually the price of cars in the Indonesian automotive market will experience price increases at the beginning of the year. Read To:...

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date_range 2018-12-10
schedule 17:13:32
SUV Car Sales Increase, Wuling and DFSK Prepare New Models

JBA — Currently, the family vehicle of the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is still one of the best-selling models in Indonesia. But the presence of a type of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) seems to make the sales level of this type of vehicle increasingly increases.Seeing the increasing sale of SUV types, making two Chinese car manufacturers, Wuling and DFSK try to bring these types of vehicles to Indonesia. DFSK also started its steps by presenting an SUV product called Glory 580 and has been...

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date_range 2018-12-03
schedule 18:38:38
The Far Comparison of Used Toyota Sienta Prices With Freed.

JBA - Since it was first introduced to the public in 2003, Toyota Sienta has become one of the leading cars in the Toyota Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment. Even so, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) as a Toyota car manufacturer in Indonesia only marketed this product in 2016 by offering seven engine variants with a capacity of 1,500 cc. Read: List of the Latest Cheap Car Prices in October 2018 But unfortunately, the fate of Sienta is not liked other Toyota products that have become one of the...

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date_range 2018-11-26
schedule 19:07:35
Wuling Starts to Show the Tajinya in the Family Car Segment

JBA - Wuling is one of the newcomers to the Indonesian automotive world. Since its appearance in 2017, Wuling has presented several products made in Indonesia and have received positive response from the community. Call it Wuling Confero and Wuling Cortez which are currently included in the best-selling car category for the Low MPV and MPV medium segments in Indonesia. In addition to the two cars, Wuling also offered middle-class entrepreneurs down a commercial car that had recently been...

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