date_range 01 - Feb - 2023
schedule 16 : 02 : 11
#Februari Istimewa di JBA Untuk Kamu

date_range 20 - Jan - 2023
schedule 18 : 01 : 00
Hujan Cuan Untuk Pelanggan Setia JBA

date_range 17 - Jan - 2023
schedule 15 : 01 : 46
Dengar Siaran Langsung Lelang JBA? Bisa Banget

date_range 30 - Dec - 2022
schedule 15 : 12 : 28
Special for the Beginning of the Year, 20% +23% JBA Flexi Pay Discount for All JBA Customers

date_range 01 - Nov - 2022
schedule 12 : 11 : 25
Promo Bulan November Spesial Ulang Tahun JBA

date_range 2021-03-19
schedule 18:04:39
7 Tips from JBA Semarang When a Motorcycle is Flooded

  JBA Indonesia - The rainy season with moderate to heavy intensity is still expected to last until March 2021, so that high rainfall could potentially flood in several areas in Indonesia. To anticipate damage to your vehicle, especially the motorbike, it is better if we already know about things related to vehicles. PT JBA Indonesia, which operates in automotive auction houses, has many tips regarding vehicles, these tips come from JBA's own inspection field which is experienced in the...

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date_range 2021-03-12
schedule 13:19:04
One JBA Membership

JBA - JBA released a new membership that replaces the old membership program. The One JBA Membership program will be released March 15, 2021.   Through this program, all buyers can enjoy more benefits of being a member of JBA. As:   No need to register every time you want to participate in the auction. You can pre-book the price of your target vehicle. Get the latest information and programs faster and more exclusively. Can participate in exclusive programs of other members.   Then...

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date_range 2021-03-09
schedule 16:19:54
JBA Optimize Kindness

JBA - In February 2021, PT JBA Indonesia held a JBA Optimizing Goodness CSR program. With this JBA Optimize Goodness campaign, JBA set aside IDR 15,000 for every car unit sold and IDR 5,000 for every motorbike unit sold during the February auction. The total donations collected during the auction period in February amounted to IDR 85,396,802. JBA Optimize Kindness also invited JBA employees to donate clothes and cash.   "Running a business in the midst of a pandemic is not easy. However, we...

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date_range 2021-03-01
schedule 11:46:43
Tips for Participating in Online and Offline Auctions

PT JBA - For those of you who are looking to buy a used car, the JBA auction hall can be your alternative to buying used vehicles at competitive prices and good units. At JBA, you can take part in online auctions via your smartphone wherever you are.   Online auctions are chosen by many people to participate in the current auction, because it is more practical without the need to come directly to branches and of course it's also easy to participate in online auctions on smartphones with the...

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date_range 2021-02-25
schedule 14:25:34
Now List of Auctions on JBA Easier!

JBA - JBA continues to innovate by simplifying services and systems for the auction registration process. Starting from having to come directly to the nearest branches, then registering via the website, the JBA Bidding application which can be downloaded via the Play Store, registering through the 1500 369 call center, and now JBA provides a registration system service via Barcode Scan.   Barcode Scan can be accessed at branches closest to you. To speed up and simplify the...

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