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date_range 2019-08-19
schedule 16:43:09
Press Air Pollution, Premium and Pertalite Threatened to be Removed

JBA - For the sake of reducing high air pollution in several regions in Indonesia, especially in DKI Jakarta. The Committee for the Elimination of Leaded Gasoline (KPBB) proposed that the production and sale of low-octane vehicle fuel, such as Premium 88, Pertalite 90, Solar 48, and Dexlite be stopped. This is because these types of fuels are quite high in contributing to air pollution. "In addition to causing high vehicle exhaust emissions, low-quality fuel also has the potential to damage...

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date_range 2019-08-12
schedule 16:38:40
Honda BEAT lights often break up and battery accents? This is the solution

JBA - One of the cases that often occur in the Honda BEAT series is the light that is easily broken and the overdrawn battery. This case generally occurs in Honda BEAT which has a high intensity of use and has aged. Then how to overcome it? According to Pardiman, the Head of Mechanics at a motorbike repair shop located in the Kebagusan area, South Jakarta, said that there was one component that was the culprit of the condition, and needed to be repaired. Read to: Seat Honda Hard Beat! Replace...

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date_range 2019-08-05
schedule 15:26:26
Tips on Checking Used Car Suspension Conditions Easily

JBA - One of the factors causing the car's suspension to be problematic or damaged is the result of your frequent passing through potholes. Therefore, you need to know how to detect whether there has been damage to your car's suspension. Used cars in general often experience suspension problems, such as legs that are not straight, oil leakage shock breakers, thinning of bearings per car, damage to the ball joint, to damage that occurs in the control arm bearings. Read To: Be Careful! This is...

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date_range 2019-07-29
schedule 15:33:23
Watch Out! This is the Location of Electronic Tickets in DKI Jakarta

JBA - Discourse on the application of electronic ticketing or E-TLE (electronic-traffic law enforcement) has actually become a hot topic since 2018. Through this system, the Police can carry out the reductions only by looking directly at the cameras that have been installed in certain locations. Through this system, the driver of the vehicle who violates will not know if the motorbike has been ticketed, and will only find out after the notification letter from the Police regarding the...

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date_range 2019-07-23
schedule 16:43:39
Now Buy a New Car or Motorcycle Can Choose Your Own Police Number

JBA - When buying a new car, in general you will never know what your vehicle's police number is. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to be forced to accept these conditions if the numbers listed are not in the heart. However, it seems that this won't last long. Because, now you can choose your own police number when you buy a motorized vehicle, both new cars and motorbikes. Please Read: Want To Buy Terios and Used Rush? We recommend that you follow this guide! Reported by the NTMC Polri...

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