date_range 06 - Sep - 2022
schedule 17 : 09 : 29
Nikmati Keuntungan di Bursa Mobil Autopedia Khusus Untuk Member JBA

date_range 12 - Sep - 2022
schedule 10 : 09 : 41
Ikut Lelang Makin Untung di JBA, Dapatkan Voucher JBA Rp 1 Jt

date_range 01 - Sep - 2022
schedule 09 : 09 : 20
Extra +11 Point Eksklusif Member JBA

date_range 05 - Aug - 2022
schedule 10 : 08 : 10
JBA Panjat Hadiah

date_range 2021-03-09
schedule 16:19:54
JBA Optimize Kindness

JBA - In February 2021, PT JBA Indonesia held a JBA Optimizing Goodness CSR program. With this JBA Optimize Goodness campaign, JBA set aside IDR 15,000 for every car unit sold and IDR 5,000 for every motorbike unit sold during the February auction. The total donations collected during the auction period in February amounted to IDR 85,396,802. JBA Optimize Kindness also invited JBA employees to donate clothes and cash.   "Running a business in the midst of a pandemic is not easy. However, we...

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date_range 2021-03-01
schedule 11:46:43
Tips for Participating in Online and Offline Auctions

PT JBA - For those of you who are looking to buy a used car, the JBA auction hall can be your alternative to buying used vehicles at competitive prices and good units. At JBA, you can take part in online auctions via your smartphone wherever you are.   Online auctions are chosen by many people to participate in the current auction, because it is more practical without the need to come directly to branches and of course it's also easy to participate in online auctions on smartphones with the...

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date_range 2021-02-25
schedule 14:25:34
Now List of Auctions on JBA Easier!

JBA - JBA continues to innovate by simplifying services and systems for the auction registration process. Starting from having to come directly to the nearest branches, then registering via the website, the JBA Bidding application which can be downloaded via the Play Store, registering through the 1500 369 call center, and now JBA provides a registration system service via Barcode Scan.   Barcode Scan can be accessed at branches closest to you. To speed up and simplify the...

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date_range 2021-02-15
schedule 09:23:03
Better to be a member at JBA

JBA Indonesia - Buying a used vehicle in JBA is now very easy, so it's no wonder that from year to year there is an increasing number of JBA Members. The increasing number of enthusiasts who have registered to take part in the auction at JBA are due to the many advantages and the easier the registration process as a JBA Member.   If you haven't registered yet and want to know what are the benefits of being a member at JBA, here are some of the benefits of being a JBA member:   Get Rewards...

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date_range 2021-02-09
schedule 14:12:00
JBA Contributes, Optimizes Kindness

JBA - PT JBA Indonesia will distribute aid to victims of natural disasters that occurred in Indonesia during January 2021, starting from landslides in Sumedang, West Java, followed by floods in South Kalimantan, earthquakes in West Sulawesi, Mount Semeru erupting in East Java, to floods in North Halmahera district, North Maluku.   Through the JBA Contributed CSR program, JBA invites all JBA customers and employees to optimize the good for victims of natural disasters, especially during the...

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