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Buying Cars Get More Savings at JBA Using Flexi Pay

date_range 01 - Apr - 2022
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5 Profitable Reasons You Should Become a JBA Member

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Buy a Motorcycle Using Flexi Pay, More Profits!

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Register Member Now, Instantly Profit

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Buy Vehicles at JBA Using Flexi Pay, More Profit!

date_range 2021-01-08
schedule 16:56:17
JBA Admin Fee Changes

JBA - PT JBA Indonesia will apply changes to the nominal administrative fees of bidder. This aims to increase business productivity in JBA and support operations for auction events and JBA Member or Non Member programs.   Following are details of changes to JBA administration fees:   Car: Car admission fee ≤ IDR 333 million: IDR 2,000,000 Car admission fee ≥ IDR 333 million: 0.6% of the formed price.   Motorcycle: Motorcycle admission fee ≤ 50 million: IDR 500,000 Motorcycle admission fee...

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date_range 2020-12-31
schedule 12:21:49
In 2020, used vehicle sales on the JBA Automotive Auction Platform have reached more than 100,000 units

In 2020, used vehicle sales on the JBA Automotive Auction Platform have reached more than 100,000 unitsDuring the pandemic, JBA actually recorded an increase in the number of used vehicle buyers by up to 75% compared to 2019.Jakarta, 21 December 2020 - PT JBA Indonesia, the leading automotive auction platform in Indonesia, managed to record sales of used vehicles of up to 100,000 units, starting from January to December 10, 2020. The proportion of vehicle sales consists of 40 thousand cars...

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date_range 2020-12-24
schedule 17:36:20
Five Most Selling Motorcycles at JBA Auction

PT JBA Indonesia - Motorbikes are still one of the choices for people in their activities. Apart from being budget-friendly, motorbikes are also more practical and agile on the streets of the capital. So, it's not wrong if motorcycle sales at JBA this year are still increasing. Especially for automatic motorbikes that are easier for men and women to use. Here are the five brands and types of motorbikes that were most purchased at JBA auction houses during 2020. Check whether your dream...

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date_range 2020-12-08
schedule 18:08:37
What are the most popular used cars at auction in 2020?

JBA - Buying a used car at auction is now easier with online auctions, so it can be done anywhere so that those of you who want to buy a vehicle become more practical. You can come directly to the nearest JBA branch or simply with a stable internet network, you can register and participate in online auctions wherever you are. Then, what type of car was in most demand during this pandemic year, where the most auctions were conducted online this year? Here is a list of the five most popular car...

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date_range 2020-11-25
schedule 17:58:19
7 Guidelines for Buying a Used Car at the Auction Hall

JBA Indonesia - Want to try buying a used car directly at the auction hall? Here are tips from JBA:   Find out about the auction house You can visit the JBA auction site website at or by downloading the JBA application on your smartphone. By opening the JBA website or application, you can view information about the location, how to join the auction, how to buy, and many others. Choose the car you want Adjust the choice of car to be purchased with your needs and budget. You...

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