date_range 05 - Apr - 2022
schedule 14 : 04 : 50
Buying Cars Get More Savings at JBA Using Flexi Pay

date_range 01 - Apr - 2022
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5 Profitable Reasons You Should Become a JBA Member

date_range 25 - Feb - 2022
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Buy a Motorcycle Using Flexi Pay, More Profits!

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Register Member Now, Instantly Profit

date_range 14 - Feb - 2022
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Buy Vehicles at JBA Using Flexi Pay, More Profit!

date_range 2021-04-23
schedule 15:45:02
JBA, Used Vehicle Selling Solution

PT JBA Indonesia - Selling a used car or used motorbike is not an easy thing, especially in a pandemic era like today. The desire to get more profit and a sense of security in selling are one of the factors hampering the sales process.   The JBA auction house can be a solution to that problem. JBA always holds auctions every week in all JBA branches in Indonesia. Hundreds of prospective buyers attend every JBA auction. So, the chances of your used car or used motorbike selling are greater at...

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date_range 2021-04-09
schedule 18:34:32
Buy Used Vehicles at JBA, Double Benefits!

JBA Indonesia - Used vehicles are still the main choice for used car showroom owners or private buyers who are eyeing vehicles at a more affordable price. For those of you who are looking to buy a used car, the JBA auction house can be your alternative to buying used vehicles at competitive prices and good units.   At JBA, you can get more benefits that are not available elsewhere when buying a used vehicle. For example, the price is cheaper than the market price and most importantly JBA...

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date_range 2021-04-01
schedule 09:56:18
Three Top-Selling Cars of JBA's First Quarter

PT JBA Indonesia - Sales at the JBA auction center, especially in early 2021, at one of the JBA branches, namely the JBA branch in Banjarmasin, recorded the three most sold cars in a row during the first quarter, namely the Suzuki ST 150 Pick Up car, the Toyota Avanza. and Daihatsu Gran Max.   Said the Head of JBA Banjarmasin Branch, Syaiful Bahri regarding the three best-selling cars during the first quarter of 2021, namely: Suzuki ST 150 Pickup is the biggest seller, based on the...

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date_range 2021-03-19
schedule 18:04:39
7 Tips from JBA Semarang When a Motorcycle is Flooded

  JBA Indonesia - The rainy season with moderate to heavy intensity is still expected to last until March 2021, so that high rainfall could potentially flood in several areas in Indonesia. To anticipate damage to your vehicle, especially the motorbike, it is better if we already know about things related to vehicles. PT JBA Indonesia, which operates in automotive auction houses, has many tips regarding vehicles, these tips come from JBA's own inspection field which is experienced in the...

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date_range 2021-03-12
schedule 13:19:04
One JBA Membership

JBA - JBA released a new membership that replaces the old membership program. The One JBA Membership program will be released March 15, 2021.   Through this program, all buyers can enjoy more benefits of being a member of JBA. As:   No need to register every time you want to participate in the auction. You can pre-book the price of your target vehicle. Get the latest information and programs faster and more exclusively. Can participate in exclusive programs of other members.   Then...

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