date_range 06 - Sep - 2022
schedule 17 : 09 : 29
Nikmati Keuntungan di Bursa Mobil Autopedia Khusus Untuk Member JBA

date_range 12 - Sep - 2022
schedule 10 : 09 : 41
Ikut Lelang Makin Untung di JBA, Dapatkan Voucher JBA Rp 1 Jt

date_range 01 - Sep - 2022
schedule 09 : 09 : 20
Extra +11 Point Eksklusif Member JBA

date_range 05 - Aug - 2022
schedule 10 : 08 : 10
JBA Panjat Hadiah

date_range 2022-02-23
schedule 09:46:09
Revisi Jadwal Lelang Mobil dan Motor Bandung Bulan Maret 2022

Lelang Mobil Lelang Motor  

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date_range 2022-02-08
schedule 11:04:24
Penambahan Jadwal Lelang Mobil Jakarta Raya Februari 2022

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date_range 2022-01-25
schedule 16:51:00
JBA, Go Public

PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk has officially conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The company, which operates in the auction house and car retail trade, issued 2.54 billion shares of common stock or 20 percent of the issued and paid-up capital after the IPO, with an initial offering price of Rp256 per share. Thus, the issuer coded ASLC shares will pocket Rp652.61 billion in fresh funds. Meanwhile, the planned use of the IPO proceeds is around 64.71...

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date_range 2022-01-19
schedule 17:20:58
Riding a Motorcycle When It Rains, Here Are Tips!

PT JBA Indonesia - Riding a motorbike when it rains requires extra concentration. In addition, security must be paid more attention. Stagnant water and limited visibility make it more difficult for motorists. If you are negligent, riding a motorbike during the rainy season can be fatal. Therefore, JBA provides some tips for you if you want to drive in the rain. 1. Using a Single RaincoatWearing a raincoat is the most important thing. However, there are still few people who use a single model...

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date_range 2022-01-14
schedule 10:53:47
Jadwal Lelang Alat Berat Bulan Januari - Maret 2022

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