Prohibited from Turning on Hazard Lights When it Rains Hard? This is the reason!

News picture Prohibited from Turning on Hazard Lights When it Rains Hard? This is the reason!
date_range 2021-01-20
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Prohibited from Turning on Hazard Lights When it Rains Hard? This is the reason!

JBA - For you car drivers, you have to be more careful when driving during the rainy season. In addition to checking the condition of the car to be in prime condition, you also have to know what to do when driving in the rain and understand the functions of your vehicle's features.


It is prohibited to use the hazard light feature during heavy rain because it is not in accordance with the actual hazard light function, if you really want to give a sign that you are in an emergency condition that other drivers must know, in order to reduce the risk of accidents. However, if you use hazard lights when it is raining heavily, it will confuse the vehicle behind you, causing potential accidents for you and other drivers. Why is that? Because the use of hazard is a signal in an emergency. And if you use hazard lights at the wrong time, then you cannot maximize the use of turn signal lights on your car and endanger other drivers because you are confused if you want to change lanes or turn


Therefore, when it rains heavily you can turn on the fog lamp during the rain as well as your headlight to help see if visibility is very limited, and reduce the speed of your vehicle. By driving and using your vehicle's features wisely, you will not endanger yourself or other road users.


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